Again feminist protest on red carpet in Cannes

There has

been another protest on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Activists from a feminist collective rolled out a meter long banner with the names of 129 murdered women. With the action, the collective wants to draw attention to the French victims of femicide, killing women because they are women.

The activists of โ€œLes Colleusesโ€ held the list amid black smoke. โ€œ129 femicides since the previous Cannes Film Festival,โ€ it read. The protest took place during the premiere of the movie Holy Spider. Security didnt take action, but according to the Variety website, it wasnt about a stunt to promote Holy Spider.

Instead, the protest would have been organized around the premiere of a documentary by two French makers. For their work, they followed a variety of feminist action groups, including Les Colleuses.

This is the second time that there has been protests on the red carpet of the leading French film festival. On Friday, a woman on the red carpet took off a large part of her clothes. Stop raping is written on her body. On the front of her body, she had painted the colors of the Ukrainian flag, as a protest against the sexual violence against Ukrainian women in the war.

Security picked her up immediately. In retrospect, the feminist group Scum said they were behind the action on social media. The young, French organization calls itself radical and, in its own words, opposes violence against women, which is perpetrated by men. How the woman managed to get to the festivals well-secured grounds is not clear.