Again heavy rainfall in Belgium, also flooding in the Netherlands

Belgium has once again experienced heavy rains, thunderstorms and lightning. In the province of Namur, streets are flooded in particular. In Dinant, so much rain fell in a short time that cars floated through the streets. Also parts of the Netherlands had to deal with waterlogging.

Parts of Walloon Brabant have been affected by large mud flows, VRT reports. In Walhain, the mud reached a height of one and a half meters. The fire brigade is trying to get the mud away.

In Belgium, heavy rains were already assumed today. The RMI had issued code orange because of the heavy thunderstorms. โ€œThe fierce thunderstorms have reached our country a little later than expected, but especially in the region between Namur and Dinant, and between Mechelen and Dendermonde there has already been a lot of rain, with lots of lightning flashes, fierce winds and hail,โ€ a Belgian weatherman said to the VRT. โ€œSome places have already dropped 20 to 30 litres of water per square metre.โ€

The heaviest showers seem to be behind and according to the RMI it stays as good as dry tonight. New rain is expected for Sunday afternoon, but less severe than last night. The weather agency issued code yellow.

In Liรจge, the Governor held an emergency meeting to prepare measures against any new floods. Emergency services, fire brigade and shelters are ready to provide assistance. Plans for evacuation of residents are also ready.

The VRT reports that above places that were severely hit, such as Pepinster, a drone with loudspeaker was deployed this afternoon to call residents to visit or leave the first floor of their home.

Heavy rains in the Netherlands too

In the Netherlands too, waterlogging is again in several places, says CCEIT weatherman Gerrit Hiemstra.

In Zeeland towns Oud-Vossemeer and Sint-Annaland, several streets are flooded. The Zeeland Safety Region reports that about 25 reports of nuisance arrived in a short period of time. According to the safety region, the situation is now under control.

Nuisance is also reported in western Brabant. A spokesperson for the Central and West Brabant Security Region says there are flooded cellars in Steenbergen and Bergen op Zoom. For some time the municipality of Steenbergen reported on Twitter the call to avoid the village of Kruisland because of impassable streets. That message has been deleted by now.

In the north, showers led to a flood part of the A28 motorway near Hoogeveen. As a result, only one lane was available for some time.

Previously, the KNMI code had issued yellow for the southwest and northeast of the Netherlands. Now code yellow only applies around the IJsselmeer because of the chance of thunderstorms. For Sunday afternoon, the KNMI issued a code yellow for the whole country because it is expected to have severe thunderstorms again.

Local. violent showers

โ€œThere is little flow in the atmosphere, so the showers move slowly and rain hard in some places in a row,โ€ explains TCCEIT weatherman Hiemstra. โ€œWe are in relatively humid air, so there is a lot of water vapour available in the atmosphere. If showers occur, a lot of rain can fall in a short period of time.โ€

โ€œThe current weather situation is clearly different from last weeks,โ€ says Hiemstra. โ€œLast week, the floods were caused by a large-scale rain area that stayed above the same area for 2 to 3 days. The current flooding is mainly caused by local showers that linger over a relatively limited area for a long time.โ€