Again less than 6000 new coronavirus cases

Between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning, 5857 new coronavirus cases were recorded. It is the sixth day in a row that this number falls below 6000.

Over the past seven days, just over 37,500 positive tests have been passed to the Rijksinstituut voor Healthcare en Milieu (RIVM). That amounts to an average of 5359 per day. The number of Thursday is slightly above that.

The main line in the number of detected infections is still falling. Last Thursday, more than 6500 positive tests were added and the Thursday before that almost 9700. Last Tuesday, the RIVM reported just over 4300 new cases, the lowest number since 1 December.

Regional figures


Amsterdam last 24 hours had 252 positive tests and coronavirus was found in 216 inhabitants in Rotterdam. In addition, 136 infections were detected in The Hague, 102 in Eindhoven and 91 in Tilburg. In the municipality of Utrecht 82 people heard that they had contracted the virus. At Schiermonnikoog someone was tested positive, the second case within a week and in total the ninth on the island. Schiermonnikoog has the least coronavirus cases in the country.

The number of deaths increased by 91, against 87 on Wednesday. That doesn‘t mean that all those people died in a 24-hour period. When a coronapatient dies, sometimes it is passed and recorded only after a while. Among the 91 deaths are four people in Enschede, three in The Hague and three in Haarlem. There were also three deaths in the Brabant Halderberge, Oldambt in Groningen and the municipality of Midden-Drenthe. Ameland, Rozendaal, Vlieland and Schiermonnikoog are the only municipalities where no one has died from the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the coronavirus has been diagnosed in almost 933,000 Dutch people. More than 13,000 people are certain that they have died of the virus. The actual numbers are almost certainly higher. At the beginning of February, the millionth Dutchman can test positive.

Hospital figures

The number of coronapatics in Dutch hospitals has decreased slightly for the second day in a row. A total of 2340 patients with Covid-19 are now admitted, reports the National Coordination Centre Patient Distribution (LCPS). That’s 44 less than Wednesday.

Of the enrolled patients with Covid-19, 673 are so sick that they are in intensive care, two less than a day before. In nursing departments, the number of coronapatics decreased by 42 to 1667 over the past 24

hours, and

on Wednesday the LCPS recorded a total decrease of 61 patients. The three days before that there was an increase.

The LCPS expects the declining trend to continue slowly. However, due to the spread of the British variant of the coronavirus, which is more contagious, the influx could soon rise again rapidly, the hospitals fear.

In German hospitals, 4 Dutch coronation patients are still in intensive care. The LCPS further reports that only two patients have been moved to another region.