Again mass protest in Mauritius, protesters demand departure government

Thousands of people in Mauritius have demonstrated in the capital against their government. They demand that it quit immediately because of corruption and fraud.

It is the third mass protest since an oil spill last year, about which protesters say that the government has acted too weak. Todays demonstration in Port Luis is the first in which the main opposition parties jointly call for new elections, writes news site Bloomberg.

On aerial images of the protest it can be seen that there was hardly any distance between them:

I am here out of solidarity with the nation and to say no to this mafia system, says a protester to Africa News. The activists accuse the government elected in 2019 of large-scale corruption and a lack of transparency.

Cargo ship on coral reef

The demonstrations are striking because the island with around 1.3 million inhabitants is known for its stability. But after a Japanese freighter crashed on a coral reef on the east coast last summer, in the aftermath of that, the highest number of protesters went out to the streets in more than forty years.

More than a thousand tons of fuel oil ended up in the sea during the disaster. Two people died in the salvage operations, dozens of dolphins died. Apart from the demonstrators, environmental organisations also criticized the approach to the natural disaster.