Again no promotion for De Graafschap: Eindhoven holds a view of Eredivisie

FC Eindhoven can still promote to the Eredivisie. De Blauwwitten settled on Aalsterweg with De Graafschap, which will therefore have to play in the Kitchen Champion Division for another year: 3-1.
After last Mondays 1-1 in Doetinchem, both teams knew that a victory would suffice to reach the second round of the post-competition. Eindhoven, however, had the advantage of a sold out Jan Louwers Stadium and exploited it early in the game. Justin Ogenia, the left wingback of the Blue Whites, was able to steam up and curled the ball nicely in the far corner with the right.
De Graafschap
s response was not long in coming. A well-played attack ended with Kaandorp, who had a free job and could simply place the leather in the top corner for 1-1, yet the Super Farmers failed and handed over the entire game in a few minutes. In minutes 22 and 24, Charles-Andreas Brym and Joey Sleegers scored, resulting in Eindhoven playing a margin of two goals together.

😨 Whats happening here?! After 24 minutes, @fceindhoven already leads 3-1! #fcegra #deontknoping
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 13, 2022

That was the sign for the home team to slow things down and take the pace out of the game. This ensured that the 3-1 stand was easily held until halftime and also in the second half, De Graafschap had every effort to play through the Eindhoven defense. Only twenty minutes before time did the guests play a big chance together and it should have actually been in, but Camiel Neghli failed to pass keeper Nigel Bertrams.
On the other hand, Sleegers then failed to win the one-on-one with Hidde Jurjus, which kept things exciting on the Aalsterweg. That tension slowly subsided when it became clear that De Graafschap would no longer score and Eindhoven had things in order in the back.
The final whistle meant that the Doetinchemmers will be active at the second level for another year and the Brabanders will continue to the second round, in which the ADO hits The Hague or NAC Breda. The formation of trainer Rob Penders therefore only has to win two diptychs to go to the Eredivisie.