Again protests in Colombia, fuel shortages due to turmoil

For the ninth day in a row, Colombian cities demonstrated against the government. Evening and night were relatively quiet compared to earlier this week.

In the mass protests, at least 24 people have died, many hundreds have been injured. Prosecutors have commemorated the victims of the hard police in their last protest.

With candles and torches on Thursday evening (local time), the victims of the protests were considered:

The dissatisfaction was initially directed against tax reform. President Duque deleted that Sunday, but protesters are now demanding that he address issues such as inequality, poverty and police violence.

As a result of ongoing protests and turmoil, fuel shortages are occurring in some cities. In Cali, Ibaguรฉ and Pereira, people with jerry cans are queuing for petrol.

The Colombian government has invited leaders of the protest movement to talk in an attempt to calm the mind. The leaders have responded that they only want to speak directly with the president. The consultations are scheduled for next Monday.

Dead and Missing

Human rights organisations condemn the violence by the Colombian riot police. The Attorney General and the Human Rights Authority DPC are going to investigate murders and disappearances that occurred during the wave of protest.

Human Rights Watch has received 36 reports of murder. Eleven cases have now confirmed that there is a connection to the protests. According to a local activist group, dozens of protesters, rising to several hundred, are still missing. According to the DPC human rights authority, a large proportion of these people are now justified.

‘No guarantees’

โ€œ I am upset by the murders,โ€ says 19-year-old law student Andres Villalba to press agency Reuters. He was one of hundreds of protesters on the street in capital Bogota. โ€œThere are no security guarantees if you protest peacefully here.โ€ He adds that the riot police are following orders.

The mayor of Bogota reports that 23 civilians and six agents were slightly injured last day. โ€œIt was a much calmer day,โ€ said Claudia Lรณpez Hernรกndez in the statement.

That was different on Wednesday, when it came to a large-scale confrontation between the riot police and protesters. The parliament building was attacked by demonstrators and with tear gas the police tried to expel them. Looting has also been reported in several places.

Protests also in the Netherlands

At Dam Square in Amsterdam and at the Embassy in The Hague this afternoon, hundreds of people demonstrated against the violence in Colombia.