Again restless in and around Minneapolis after death black arrest

In the American Brooklyn Center near Minneapolis, protests broke out on Monday night because of the death of a black man who was shot by the police last weekend. The authorities had set up a curfew, but it is ignored by the angry crowd.

Dozens of people were scoring slogans in the evening and waving signs in front of the police station. The police used tear gas several times to disperse the crowd.

The death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright has caused great unrest in the Minneapolis region, where the equally black George Floyd died last year in a brute arrest. Wright was kicked out of his car on Sunday because of a traffic violation. The officers then found out there was a warrant for his arrest. When they tried to arrest Wright, he got back in his car. A 26-year-old cop shot him then. According to the police, she may have seen her firearm for a taser.

Earlier on Monday, President Joe Biden called for peace and quiet after the incident in the state of Minnesota.

The released bodycam footage shows Wright resisted his arrest. A cop calls โ€œtaserโ€ several times while she points her gun at him. The car drove off at the same time the cop shouted that shed shot him. The vehicle came to a standstill a few blocks away. Wright died on the scene. Later that day, protests and clashes with the police arose.

Police Chief Tim Gannon announced during a press conference that a mistake led to Wrights โ€œtragic deathโ€. โ€œI cant say anything to alleviate the pain of his family,โ€ he said.