Again riots in Spain after the arrest of rapper

In Spain, riots broke out for the second consecutive evening after the arrest of rapper Pablo Hasél. In Madrid, Barcelona and other places, people are on their feet throwing stuff at cops and blocking roads with containers and motorcycles. The police shoot rubber bullets and try to drive the people out.

Last night and last night, according to police, 18 people were arrested following violent protests, particularly in Barcelona and other parts of the state of Catalonia. A woman lost an eye when she was hit by a rubber bullet, Spanish media report.

In Madrid and Barcelona, things were thrown to the police and containers were set on fire:

At least 55 people, according to police, needed medical care, both agents and demonstrators.

Majestys Grace

In 2018, Rapper Pablo Hasél was sentenced to nine months in prison for majesty and glorification of terrorism in his lyrics and on Twitter. For example, he called the resigned and controversial King Juan Carlos a mafia boss and compared the court with Nazis.

Hasél had until Friday at the latest to report for his imprisonment, but he was holed up at the University of Lleída in an attempt to avoid the sentence. After 24 hours, the police arrested him anyway.

The case has led to a fierce debate in Spain about freedom of expression in the country. Artists and politicians believe that the law, introduced by the previous government, needs to be amended. The Social-Democratic governing party PSOE wants the law to be revised, the left-wing coalition partner Podemos wants to get rid of it altogether.