Again rocket attacks Hamas on Israel

In the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv, the rocket alarm went off on Saturday to Sunday (local time). โ€œHamas has announced that it will fire missiles at Tel Aviv at midnight,โ€ tweeted the Israeli army. โ€œThreatening to target a city – to terrorize the population – is in itself a violation of international law. If Hamas executes its threat, it will once again violate international law by targeting citizens,โ€ says the Twitter message.

Earlier on Saturday, Palestinian militants had already fired missiles in the Tel Aviv area three times in short succession. In the neighbouring town of Ramat Gan, a man was killed in a missile strike. The Israeli Air Force then destroyed a fourteen-storey building in the Gaza Strip, where media companies such as Associated Press news agency and Al-Jazeera have offices. A spokesman for the military branch of Hamas threatened to fire missiles again at midnight at Tel Aviv.

New lows

Tensions between Israel and Palestinians have been driven to new lows by the threat of expulsion of families from an Arab neighbourhood in East Jerusalem. They must, as often in the occupied territories, give way to Jewish settlers. It led to fierce protests at the Al-Aqsamoskee and shelling over and over again between fighters from, among others, the Hamas movement in Gaza and the Israeli armed forces.

Since the beginning of the week, the military group of Hamas has been bombing Israel with missiles and the Israeli army has been bombing the Gaza Strip.