Again schoolchildren abducted in Nigeria, search for dozens of children

Armed men have kidnapped some 30 high school students in Nigeria. Its certainly the fourth abduction of large groups of children since December.

The perpetrators invaded a school in Kaduna, northwest of Nigeria. The school is near a military base. After a distress call, the army rescued about 180 students. But about 30 boys and girls are missing every trace, says a spokesman for the security service.

A local person tells Reuters that he heard gunshots. โ€œI didnt panic because I thought it was military exercises. Early in the morning, we only learned that armed men had invaded the school and kidnapped students.โ€

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The army, the air force and the police are now looking for the missing children. There are regular gangs in the area around Kaduna. Theyre trying to get ransom for kidnappings. Kidnappings are a growing industry in Nigeria, according to a recent report by the Nigerian Security Institute SBM.

At the beginning of this month, 279 schoolgirls were liberated. They were kidnapped a few days before that. That too happened in the northwest of the country. In December, school children were abducted 200 kilometres away, and last month this happened in Kagara.