Again too much fished in protected natural areas

Shrimp fishermen have once again fished too much in two protected natural areas. That is what Minister Schouten writes to the House of Representatives. The fault lies not with the fishermen themselves, but with the government, which did not warn fishermen in time that they were already at their hour limit.

Early last year, DeccEit reported that in recent years there was far too much fishing for shrimps in the Wadden Sea and in the coastal zone of the North Sea. Shrimp shrimp fishermen have a maximum number of hours in those areas to protect nature, but that was largely violated. Minister Schouten promised that there would be better controls.

Wrong calculation

The fishing associations claimed that the overruns were due to a miscalculation by the Ministry. They got right and the maximum number of hours was almost doubled. But the shrimp shrimp fishermen also do not have enough on this new hour limit.

In the Oosterschelde the last year almost three times as much fished as allowed. In the Vlakte van de Raan, off the coast of Zeeland, this was over 30 percent more than is allowed. In the other five protected natural areas off the Dutch coast, the hours norm was not exceeded. In these areas, too, more fishing was often carried out than in recent years, but the maximum number of hours increased did not exceed the standards.

Late dates handed in

According to Schouten, that the fishermen were not warned on time is due to data that were delivered late to Wageningen Marine Research. This institute is responsible for the calculation of fishing hours, but depends on the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) and food and commodities authority NVWA for the data.

Schouten promises the Chamber again: next year the fishermen should be warned in time.