Again unrest in Northern Ireland, despite the death of Prince Philip

Several officers were wounded last night in riots in the Northern Ireland capital Belfast, despite calls for an end to violence due to the death of British Prince Philip. It was restless in Northern Ireland for the twelfth night in a row.

Rolers sought a confrontation with the police in both a pro-British and an Irish-nationalist neighbourhood in the north of Belfast. There, the police were slapped with Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects. Also, rioters set waste containers and a car on fire.

A burning car was rammed into a police car, tweeted a BBC journalist:

Out of respect for the death of Prince Philip, posters were hung in pro-British districts calling for no action. Protest marches and meetings have also been canceled.

Rather, the police called โ€œanyone with some influence in the communitiesโ€ to stop young people from criminal behaviour.

Since the beginning of last week, it has been restless in several places in Northern Ireland. On the night of Thursday to Friday, 19 officers were injured, writes the BBC. And in a week, over 70 police officers were injured in the riots, Northern Irelands media report.

The police put a water cannon against the rioters on Thursday night for the first time in six years. It is unknown how many people have been injured.

Pro-British rioters are angry at the customs border created after Brexit between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. The Protestant Northern Ireland Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Catholic pro-Irish party Sinn Fรฉin accuse each other of throwing oil on the fire.

That fire was rekindled last week. Police then announced not to prosecute prominent leaders of Sinn Fรฉin for violating the corona measures at the funeral of IRA headpiece Bobby Storey last year. The Catholic IRA is a former Irish paramilitary terror movement.

The militant republican New IRA, a division of the IRA, came in the news in 2019 when the group admitted to being responsible for the death of a Northern Irish journalist.

The conflict between Ireland and Northern Ireland has a long history: