Again warning for bacon slippery roads

Road users must reconsider treacherous smoothness during the night of Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday during the day – especially above the major rivers – especially in the middle of the day. Rijkswaterstaat warns about this.

Code yellow has been issued for the northern half of the country. The advice to road users is to get on the road well prepared. Rijkswaterstaat keeps a close eye on the situation and has 546 scattered throughout the Netherlands ready to combat smoothness.

The smoothness will not last as long as on Monday, reports. When soft air reaches the northeast in the evening, the temperatures rise again, with which the smoothness disappears.

The KNMI announced Monday night code orange in the provinces of North Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland, Gelderland, Overijssel, Friesland and Drenthe because of โ€œtreacherous slipperiness by freezing rain.โ€ Accidents occurred in several places in the country because of the smoothness and the ANWB warned motorists not to go on the road.

The roads were busy on Monday morning throughout the Netherlands. Around 8.00 a.m., 62 traffic jams were reported by the ANWB, with a total length of 350 kilometers. Around noon, most of the traffic jams were solved. โ€œDont go on the road if its not really necessary,โ€ said Robert Vriezen of the ANWB.

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The A12 which was closed Monday morning from the German border towards Arnhem due to an accident, is open again. Thats what the ANWB reports.

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Many people seem to postpone journey

At the ANWB Wegenwacht the storm did not run Monday morning. โ€œWe suspect that many people have postponed their journey because of the smoothness and start their journey later,โ€ said spokesman Annelies Tichelaar. โ€œI think its very wise to do.โ€

The weekend was very busy. โ€œVery strikingโ€, says Tichelaar. โ€œParticularly in the northeast of the country. It was very cold there. Then you can see that weak batteries dont pull it. There were many cars with startup problems that needed help.โ€ Continuing the roadside assistance service jerks out about three thousand times in a weekend. Now about 500 up there.