Age of Empires 2 can be played in DOOM: Age of Doom mod is out

Renowned mod builder and scenario designer Hellknight 61 has released a new custom Age of Doom modification to the iconic Age of Empires 2 strategy. It unlocks new missions in the game, where we have to find ourselves in the world of DOOM and fight demons. Age of Doom is a self-modification that does not require either DOOM or Age of Empires 2.

But in this case, players will be able to use custom campaign missions exclusively. Our infantry hero can use a number of special features: acceleration, interacting with switches, elevators, and teleportators.

He can also use canonical guns like a shotgun, double-barreled shotgun, rocket shotgun and BFG. The final of the campaign is not yet finished, and you can follow the progress of the mod creators on ModDB page.

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