Age of Empires IV will be released in autumn – the campaign and new civilizations are presented

Microsoft at a special show on Age of Empires not only confirmed the release date of the fourth part, autumn 2021, but also presented a story campaign for northerners and two new civilizations for it. The story of Norman Campaign will begin in 1066, when William I the Conqueror went on a perennial conquest of England. Developers promise a grand history of invasion, anarchy, rebellion and family conflicts โ€” all this under the control of the player.

Campaign for Northerners is only one of the four campaigns of the fourth part civilizations introduced Delhi Sultanate. .

. and China.

In addition, the developers promised to conduct closed testing before the release, to sign up for which you can sign up on a special site. In addition, Relic showed a long real-time strategy gameplay trailer.

Also in the diary of developers told about the creation of the project. But this is not all: in the summer for Age of Empires II will launch a campaign for Northern Europe, and before the end of the year there will be cooperative battles in specially selected historical battles.

And in Age of Empires III in a few days the United States will add civilization, and Africa before the end of the year. Americans for the third part will be available for free when performing special tests.

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