Age of Empires IV Winter Update Coming Next Week

The creators of Age of Empires IV reported that the winter update of the strategy, which was announced a few days ago, will be released very soon – the release will take place next week. With it, developers will make more than 100 balance fixes and remove many bugs. They promise to provide a full description of the update closer to its release, but still remind about the planned changes: French The Hulk ship will no longer rule the high seas; Crossbowmen, Spearmen and Elite Crossbowmen will pose a great threat to cavalry; A significant reduction in the price of the Chinese Repeater crossbow civilizations; Correction of the prelates detachment that will allow them to continue to inspire after being pelled out; Adjusting the โ€œMongolian mobilityโ€ to ensure the correct using a speed modifier.

Thanks to the community for paying attention to this; Correction of the constant duplication of relics for the civilization of Russ. In addition, the following changes are expected: The ability to include and view in-game points for each individual case of multiplayer matches or skirmishes; Moves the Chinese Dynasty button and user interface to a less visible area of the screen; Possibility view the map after the battle; Improve the visual display of the mini-map.

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