Agent 47 in Hitman TV adaptation wont be bald at first

Screenwriter Derek Kolstad (“John Wick”), who piloted the series based on the Hitman series, spoke about the vision for the project. According to Kolstad, he was allowed to take a creative approach when creating the plot of the first two episodes. As a result, he turned out to have a story reminiscent of a mix of “The Third Man” and “Three Days of the Condor.

” The viewer is presented with a character similar to the hero of the games, but he works independently and at the same time walks with hair on his head – which is sure to surprise fans of the originals. The killer has a life of his own, and in general it resembles killers sample plots from the 70s or 80s.

However, at a certain moment he receives an assignment, in the process of which he understands that his own life and decisions do not belong to him. And in the final, he, standing near the mirror, discovers a barcode on the skin – presumably, then and shaving off his hair.

According to Kolstad, then the hero tries to understand — what in his life was true, and which turned out to be a lie. With all these techniques, the screenwriter wanted to make the character of the character more interesting than it was originally in the games – in this version, he slightly resembles the hero of the Western.

At the same time, Kolstad does not know when the production of the series starts and who will act as showrunner – he himself does not want to engage in the project beyond the plot of the first episodes. More on CCeit Hades debuted at number seven of the UK retail chart Activision returned money to Call of Duty players for a randomly released new crossbow Players believe new character Fortnite played by Dwayne Johnson.