Agent van Eriksen updates the situation: ‘He breathes and can talk’

Christian Eriksen breathes and can talk. Martin Schoots, his case observer, informed NPO Radio 1. The Danish midfielder is in hospital and is currently under investigation.
Eriksen‘s agent was in contact with the midfielder’s father and was told that the midfielder is breathing and can talk independently. Previously, UEFA and the Danish Union reported that the Dane was โ€œstabilized and awake.โ€ The investigations are currently ongoing. Schoots couldn‘t announce more.

Manager Eriksen on NPO Radio 1: โ€œHe breathes and can talk.โ€ Thank goodness.
โ€” ร–zcan Akyol (@OzcanAkyol) June 12, 2021

Hopeful messages are shared in Italy as well. Giuseppe Marotta, director of Eriksen’s club Internazionale, tells Sky Sport that he had contact with the Danesmedical staff and that there is ‘cause for optimism‘ about the situation.
Just before rest, Denmark’
s attacking midfielder collapsed and had to be resuscitated. After a minute of treatment, Eriksen was worn off the field, protected by team mates.