Aggressive orcas are ramming sailboats, what is going on?

Sailing boats and other small ships have to stay away from orcas. That is what the Spanish and Portuguese coastguards say. Last few weeks several boats have been rammed and destroyed by a group of orcas.

It hardly ever happens that the animals attack

Many people are surprised that the animals attack, but researchers find the behaviour normal. It could be because adult orcas teach their young to hunt

At the beginning of this month, a boat was rammed by a group of orcas. Crew members quickly sent a distress signal asking for help. When the coastguard arrived after an hour and a half, the orcas were already gone. The crew members were safe, but the rudder was damaged and there were teeth marks in the boat.

Orcas also attacked a boat of the Coast Guard once. You can see that in the video below. In the video they speak Spanish, but there are English subtitles.