Aid organizations call on Rutte to take control of asylum crisis

Five aid organizations call on Prime Minister Rutte to take control of the asylum crisis. In a letter, they write that, as leader of the cabinet, he can make a difference in solving the shortage of shelters.

The letter to Rutte was signed by Unicef, UN refugee organization UNHCR, the Dutch Association for Pediatrics, the Dutch Red Cross and Refugee Work.

The organizations no longer write to accept that vulnerable people and children have to sleep outside the door of the registration center in Ter Apel. In recent weeks, hundreds of people were forced to sleep outside there. They also call the long-term stay in the crisis emergency shelter harmful to this group.

โ€œThe Netherlands allows vulnerable people and children to stay in degrading conditions. Our country allows refugee children to be damaged even more,โ€ the letter states.

Obligate municipalities

Among other things, they ask the Prime Minister to urgently introduce a proposed law requiring municipalities to make reception locations available. Secretary of State Van der Burg is putting this bill on paper this summer. He hopes that the House of Representatives and Senate will agree after the summer, so that the new law can enter into force on 1 January.

The aid organizations also ask in the letter to place vulnerable people and children with priority to a suitable location where they can stay throughout the asylum procedure. โ€œUnfairly, the picture arises that it would not be possible to solve this reception crisis,โ€ the organizations write. โ€œThat is possible, see the heartwarming shelter for tens of thousands of Ukrainians.โ€

A week ago, Mayor Bruls van Nijmegen, chairman of the Security Council, also called on the State to come up with a structural solution to the asylum crisis. According to him, the problem will remain as long as no solutions are offered from The Hague.