‘Aiden Pierce is getting aged’ โ€” Legacy supplement details for Watch Dogs: Legion

In a new video on Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft spoke about the process of creating the Legacy supplement with Aiden Pearce and Renche. According to actor Sean Baicu, who plays the role of the latter, he already has didn‘t wait for the hero to return โ€” although this is his favorite character in his career. So the offer to return to his image pleased him โ€” Rench grew wiser and learned to adapt to different situations.

And Noam Jenkins, who plays Aiden, told that the Avenger even aged, but continues to engage in โ€œdark dashesโ€. In his opinion, the hero will never get off this trail because he is no longer able to stop due to his niece’s death.

But nephew Jackson personifies the hero‘s past and he can show Pierce that he has something to live for. Jackson, as it was previously known, is being taken hostage โ€” and completing his captors assignments, Pierce is just facing Renche.

The release of โ€œLegacyโ€ will take place on July 6. More on Gaming In Battle.

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