Air turns orange over California: Strong winds make extinguishing forest fires difficult

California’s firefighters are struggling to extinguish forest fires due to the strong winds. Moreover, it is extremely hot in the American state, with temperatures of up to 50 degrees.

More than 14,000 firefighters are fighting the fire. Over the past few days, hundreds of people have been rescued from the area by helicopter. Earlier, the governor of the state declared a state of emergency.

Fierce forest fires are also raging in neighbouring Oregon, as can be seen on aerial and satellite imagery:

The American Weather Institute warns that gusts of wind, dry air and dry vegetation are a danger.

They’re the biggest forest fires ever recorded in California. “There are fires in the north of the state as far as the border with Mexico, in the south. An area nearly 1300 kilometers long,” says the fire department to CNN.

Fires are also raging in the northwestern states of Oregon and Washington. The three states would now have a total of about forty fires. Because of the dangerous conditions, firefighters are retreating in a number of places.

In the town of Malden in Washington, the flames are said to have destroyed 80 percent of the houses and infrastructure by now. Among them are the fire station, the city hall and the library.

In San Francisco, California, this is what the streets look like: