Airborne Kingdoms Urban Planning Strategy is released on December 17

Independent studio The Wandering Band announced the release date for its unusual urban planning strategy. The game Airborne Kingdom will be released on the RS on December 17 and will be sold at the beginning only in Epic Games Store. Airborne Kingdom – an unusual combination of genres of management and research.

We have to build a kingdom in the clouds and, guided by its development, watch out to have enough energy to hold it in the air. Airborne Kingdom is coming to @AWanderingBand) September 30, 2020Over the course of the game, we will be able to explore the mysterious world below, and as the kingdom grows, climb into all its new corners, helping earthly kingdoms to pave trade routes, search for artifacts and build monuments.

The award will be lost technologies of the Ancients, which will bring back into the world harmony and build bridges between divided people. For the vision of the game is answered by game designer Ben Wonder, he is known by A Case of Distrust.

The same with three associates forms the basis of the studio The Wandering Band. This is their first joint ambitious project.

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