Airlines: The Netherlands isolates itself from the world by rapid testing

All airlines in the Netherlands (KLM, Transavia, Corendon, TUI and easyJet) and the industry organisations BARIN and IATA make a joint statement against the mandatory rapid test for flights to the Netherlands.

โ€œ The Netherlands will become the only country in the world where such far-reaching measures will take effect. This puts the Dutch relationship with the rest of the world, the Dutch trading position and employment in the Dutch aviation sector at immediate risk,โ€ said the airlines.

The House of Representatives is debating the new corona measures today and KLM said earlier that there should be an exception for aircraft crew. If not, KLM will stop all intercontinental and part of the European flights. KLM wants to prevent staff from being abandoned abroad after a positive corontest.

According to the companies, the measures are impracticable and lead to the isolation of the Netherlands. โ€œThey will ensure that passenger flights, including repatriation flights, and cargo flights, including the carriage of coronavaccins, can no longer be operated.โ€ According to KLM, the rule will also lead to additional job losses at the company.