Airplane loses engine parts at Maastricht Aachen Airport

A cargo plane that departed from Maastricht Aachen Airport Saturday afternoon was lost after take-off as a result of an explosion in one of the engines. This reports a spokesman for the Security Region. As far as we know, one person was injured by falling debris.

As a

result, several metal parts have fallen down in the vicinity of Meerssen. Several cars have been damaged. The plane has migrated to Liรจge in Belgium for a precautionary landing. According to a firefighter spokesman, a debris has landed on an elderly woman who suffered minor injury. โ€œMany people were shocked in Meerssen because they saw the plane flying over with a burning engine,โ€ said the spokesman for the fire department.

Company sends replacement engine

The aircraft has now made a precautionary landing in Liรจge, Belgium. Airline Longtail Aviation sends a replacement aircraft engine to Liรจge to replace the broken engine.

As soon as the aircraft is released by the Dutch authorities, the cargo plane can resume the journey to New York as soon as possible, according to the airlines sayman. The engine blades may have sucked in something during the start, the spokesman suggests. โ€œWhat caused it is now speculation. It can also have another cause, such as a collision with a bird. Its up to the authorities to investigate. We offer our full cooperation.โ€

On board the aircraft there is general cargo. The spokesman says that the four-engine aircraft with the three remaining engines has landed in Liรจge in a normal way and that the crew are doing well. โ€œThey have done exactly what the safety regulations prescribe and followed the right procedures.โ€

About the damage in Meerssen, the spokesman for Longtail Aviation says that they have seen images of metal parts that ended up on the street there. The airline is in close contact with its insurer. He emphasizes that both the aircraft and the engine are well maintained.

OVV starts exploratory research

The Dutch Safety Board (OVV) starts an exploratory investigation into the engine fire of the cargo aircraft that lost debris over Meerssen in South Limburg on Saturday afternoon. Thats what the Research Council told us.

It was a Boeing 747-400 that was on its way from Maastricht Aachen Airport to New York. After takeoff, metal parts have fallen down in the area. An exploratory investigation by the OVV involves researchers gathering the facts to determine whether a comprehensive investigation is needed. For this purpose, the OVV will engage with the local authorities, the emergency services and the airport.

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Let debris lie down

The police of Meerssen asks, in response to the aviation accident, to abandon the possible debris: โ€œThis is in connection with the inclusion of damages.โ€

The Dutch Air Traffic Control has no information about the incident. Belgian air traffic control, Skeyes, accompanied the aircraft, said a spokesman. On Flightradar it can be seen that the cargo plane has flown several laps above the Belgian Ardennes before it landed at Liรจge airport.

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