‘AIVD listened to terror plans suspects Eindhoven’

A few days before the nine terror suspects were arrested in Eindhoven last week, conversations were intercepted in which they discussed the killing or kidnapping of Prime Minister Rutte, PVV leader Wilders and FvD foreman Baudet. That‘s what RTL News reports based on its own research. According to RTL, intelligence agency AIVD overheard the men.

โ€œBro man, with an AK you pop him with his guards, you know, at a press conference. You just call Allahu Akbar (…) Just six bulletsโ€, would have been said in one of the conversations. And, โ€œI pop Rutte and Wilders through their cup brother, and then my name goes into the history books, yes?โ€

The nine were arrested Thursday 23 September on suspicion of preparing and training for a terrorist attack. The Cceit reported this morning that they were being busted because they might want to attack the three politicians. How far they would be with the possible preparation is not clear.

According to the AIVD, the suspects watched execution videos, and a video explaining how to make bombs, writes RTL News. Minister De Jonge would have also been mentioned in the talks; one of the suspects said that โ€œThe Young and allโ€ have no security.

Men who talk tough

Lawyer Plasman, who assists two suspects, talks about โ€œmen who talk really tough.โ€ โ€œWhile watching Netflix, they have spoken such lyrics. But most of all they have spoken and did not make any plans or preparations,โ€ he tells deCCeit. According to Plasman, phones have been drained and surveillance devices have been installed in homes.

Only three out of nine suspects were present in the talks, says Serge Weening, lawyer for a number of suspects. Moreover, the conversations should not be taken too seriously, he says. โ€œThey’re young boys together who say things you‘d better not say in public.โ€ Weening also has the conviction that they โ€œdidn’t want to commit any attackโ€.

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte has received heavy security because he is being threatened, became clear on Monday. According to De Cceit, the threats are completely separate from each other.