“Ajax adds two million”

Steven Berghuiss transfer is approaching its completion, Chris Woerts and Valentijn Driessen report Wednesday evening in De Oranjezomer. The Feyenoord captain is on his way to Ajax, but only the last legal obstacles have to be adhered to.
Berghuis is still at Feyenoord for one more year and has a clause worth four million euros in his contract. Woerts reported earlier this week that Feyenoord and Ajax reached an agreement. He won
t go back to Feyenoord, whos locked away after everything that happened. And the Feyenoord contract is crystal clear: four million and then he can leave. And no club (except Ajax, ed.) has reported to Feyenoord, the sports marketer now knows. Feyenoord would try to enforce a higher transfer fee. Feyenoord makes him dangling a little bit, because he can never go back to Feyenoord again. So basically, they have to be very satisfied with four million plus the two million salary savings.
s just waiting for the lawyers to examine Berghuiss Feyenoord contract. Stevens business observer just says its crystal clear, no word of Spanish is written in it, hes just allowed to go for four million. According to earlier agreements, the Kampberghuis would be entitled to part of the transfer fee if it exceeded four million. Steven has already said, boy, dont sit down. But Feyenoord says no, we want more than the four million.
Ajax jumps up According to Driessen, the solution comes from Amsterdam. I heard there is light for Berghuis anyway, says De Cceit football chef. And that Ajax is now willing to go to six million. They also want to give the boy a signal that they really want him. Those two million, they just discounted that in his salary for the next four, five years.
It is now waiting for confirmation from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Berghuis has already stepped out of the Feyenoord group app. A Feyenoord youth player shared it with his friends, says Woerts. That
s how it came into the publicity, with all those calls. So everyone was forced to change their phone number as well. Steven too, because he was called crazy at some point. And there were people in front of his home in Rotterdam, so its actually become an unworkable situation.