Ajax advised: ‘Get rid of Antony with a bow on it, with a stamp: breakable’

Gertjan Verbeek spoke about the possible transfer from Antony to Manchester United. The former trainer wonders why the people of Amsterdam are lingering.
The story is known: Ajax has rejected an offer of eighty million euros and demands an amount close to one hundred million euros. Verbeek has advice for the reigning national champion. โ€œI would get rid of Antony with a bow on it, with a mark on it: fragile,โ€ he says at VTBL on RTL 7. โ€œAnd then get Ziyech back for forty million.โ€
โ€œWhy not?โ€ , Verbeek wonders. โ€œHe had a great time at Ajax. The type of football suits him.โ€ According to the analyst, Ziyech can focus on the World Cup in Amsterdam. Due to the resignation of Vahid Halilhodลพiฤ‡ as national coach of Morocco, that path is clear. โ€œHe now has the space to become international and make it to the World Cup.โ€

Gertjan Verbeek sees a return of Hakim Ziyech to Ajax. โ€œI would get rid of Antony, tie around and stamp it breakable.โ€ #vtbl pic.twitter.com/N3OnZD9M2R
โ€” VTBL โšฝ (@vtbl) August 22, 2022