Ajax also conquers one German football heart: ‘Lost talents, new every year’

โ€œNinety minutes long! For our Amsterdam club! Madhouse in the stands! No one who can stop us!โ€ After Ajaxs fourth consecutive Champions League win, the vote was fine with the traveled following and a single German Ajax fan.
Emile van de Sande DORTMUND
โ€œWas ein Abend! What an evening,โ€ concludes a Fortuna Dรผsseldorf and Ajax supporter in conversation with FootbalPrimeur. โ€œI also have a soft spot for Ajax. They always have great talents, which they lose. But new ones arrive every year.โ€
However, most Germans in the stands had a less fun night. โ€œYeah, isn
t it great or not? We come here for that!โ€ , another visitor laughs. For some, Wednesday night will be extended by a few hours. โ€œTonight were going to be drinking!โ€
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