Ajax and Diomedes arrive at Total War Saga Troy on January 28

Creative Assembly studio has announced another addition to its historic Total War Saga: Troy strategy. Two more heroes of the โ€œIliadโ€ will arrive in the game with the release of Ajax & Diomedes with their own factions: Salamin and Argos. Diomedes is the young king of Argos and, despite age, an experienced and valiant fighter.

His units specialize in crushing infantry attacks with the use of axes and swords, and at this time fast flanking units attack from unexpected directions. As you know, in the siege of Troy took involved two Ajax, Oilid and Telamonides.

The supplement is dedicated to the second of them, who is also called the Great. He was considered the strongest of the Greeks and in valor was second only to Achillu.

The armies of Ajax emphasize the slow but well-equipped infantry, which holds the defense and protects the units of archers, rains and With the release of the add-on โ€œAjax and Diomedesโ€ in the game there will be a free update, which will add a new god, blacksmith Hephaestus. In the temple dedicated to him you can hire and equip warriors.

Ajax & Diomedes is released on January 28. Pre-orders are already being accepted at the Epic Games store.

The Steam addition will appear with the release of the game itself, it will happen in August. More on Gambling In Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night appeared the classic mode You wont believe, but Evangelion: 3.

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