‘Ajax and Napoli continue’

Amin Younes is counting on Ajax and SSC Napoli to continue in the Champions League. The German, currently active at FC Utrecht, was under contract with both clubs.
Younes made the switch from Ajax to Napoli, a transfer that didn‘t work out quite well. โ€œEveryone is at the ball well and the level is high. In Italy, people are always impressed by players who come from Ajax. Ajax has made a very good impression in the football world,โ€ Younes tells Ajax Life.
โ€œNapoli got off to a really good start and they now have less pressure than Ajax. Ajax now plays at home first. I think they will both move on eventually and leave Liverpool behind. I expect Ajax to win 3-2 at home and that it will be 2-2 in Naplesโ€, says Younes about Ajax’
s chances.
Ajax and Napoli will compete against each other in the Johan Cruijff Arena on Tuesday evening.