Ajax announces a loss of more than 24 million, which is also due to Haller trick

Ajax has written red numbers again in the past season. The people of Amsterdam are suffering a loss of 24.3 million euros and, according to the club, all this has to do with the continuing consequences of the corona crisis. However, Ajax itself has also contributed to the red numbers.
In Ajax‘s annual report for the 2021/22 season, several things stand out. When it comes to transfers, the national champion has suffered a loss of 19.3 million euros, which obviously plays a major role in the red numbers of the past season. Because several matches had to be completed without an audience, an operational loss of 7.3 million was added.
On the other hand, Ajax recorded a โ€œfootball turnoverโ€ of over 98 million euros. This has to do with successful ticket sales at most games and Champions League premiums. Turnover from merchandising and partnerships also rose sharply: from 25.4 million to 74.8 million. This is related to the successful sale of the Bob Marley shirt and newly concluded sponsorship deals.
Nevertheless, Ajax suffered a loss at the bottom of the line and the club is also due to itself: for example, Sรฉbastien Haller’
s top transfer was postponed until the new financial year, so that Amsterdammers can write good figures about the current season. With the other multi-million dollar transfers from Lisandro Martรญnez and Antony, Ajax seems to be making a profit again next year. The club also expresses that expectation.
Over the corona year 2020/21, Ajax recorded a loss of 8.1 million euros. The red numbers of the past season are therefore larger, but that is explained as mentioned.

Annual Report 21/22 โ†’ Net loss is โ‚ฌ24.3 million โ†’ Net turnover โ‚ฌ189.2 million
โ€” AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) September 27, 2022