Ajax asks for millions of dollars for Promes: ‘He will play again at Spartak. ‘

The rumors that Spartak Moscow wants to bring back Quincy Promes and the Ajax player who likes himself seem to be getting more serious. The scoop came last week from Dmitry Egorov, who brought the news on behalf of the Russian Sport24. He also claims to have sources from the immediate vicinity of Promes. Football scoop speaks to him.

Promes would have stabbed a relative in his knee at a party in his warehouse in Abcoude after a quarrel that got out of hand. This happened in July, when Promes was arrested in December. Shortly thereafter, he was associated with a return to Spartak. โ€œThe rumors actually started almost immediately after he was arrested,โ€ says Egorov to this website. โ€œThat was the starting point. If your club legend is in trouble, that‘s a good time to bring him back to Spartak.โ€
Egorov considers it logical that Spartak is committed to a return of Promes. โ€œPromes is not just a player, but a legend. And there’
s a lot more risk if you get a young player. It is difficult to adapt to Russia, learn the language and get used to the cold. But Promes loved life in Russia. He had many friends here and is far from his Surinamese family. He can focus on football. It is a win-win-win situation for all parties: for Spartak, Ajax and Promes.โ€

‘Millions of fans waiting for Promes’Promes was the big man in Moscow between 2014 and 2018. He scored 59 league goals in total and earned a top transfer to Seville in Russia. But his Spanish adventure turned out less well and also Ajax has a lot to do. Egorov understands that Promes is looking for a Russian return. โ€œHe loves Russia and is loved here. Hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions of fans are waiting for him here.โ€
โ€œHe was in Russia just at his best and showed his best game here. The team can be built around him, he will be the star in a giant country. And I repeat, he is far from all temptations here. This is a great opportunity for him to reset. I think he can take Spartak to the Champions League. He can become a leader here, become a champion, and then get offers from top competitions.โ€
Egorov does not think that for Spartak there is a reputation damage to the recovery of Promes. He points to attracting Aleksandr Kokorin, who has actually been in jail. โ€œHe spent a year in prison because he abused two people in a drunken state. One of them was a Russian minister. Spartak not only gave him a contract, but also a huge salary. Moreover, Promes has not yet been found guilty.โ€

โ€œPromes is being assaulted for a reason. โ€œRumor has it that a relative of Promes has repeatedly stolen money and jewelry from his mother. This would have been the reason for the quarrel that took place in July, in which Promes‘s family member was stabbed in his knee. โ€œThe direct accusation came months after it happened,โ€ says Egorov. โ€œMaybe he’s under pressure because he‘s a football player? Or maybe he really didn’t do it, but someone else? Or was it just an accident? It seems that Promes is now being attacked for a reason.โ€
The situation around Promes was discussed in an extensive article by Sport24. Remarkably, Egorov quoted a source around Promes that ‘is familiar with Dutch football’ (โ€œQuincy is very keen to go back to Spartak. It‘s up to the clubโ€). In addition, he suggested that another person might be found guilty and Promes would go free. Egorov, of course, does not want to give up his source. โ€œI can’t tell who it is. But there have been more and more Dutch players and trainers in Russia lately,โ€ he hates.
The question is, what does Ajax think he can get for Promes? โ€œAs far as we understand, Ajax is asking for EUR 15 million,โ€ says Egorov. โ€œBut there is a chance that the asking price will drop a bit with a good offer from Spartak. Part of the transfer amount will then be paid through a bonus construction.โ€
And only a transfer to Spartak belongs to the possibilities for Promes. โ€œPromes has said that he will never play for CSKA Moscow or Zenit St. Petersburg, because he does not want to cheat. Spartak is the only club in Russia where he is not only expected, but will eventually play againโ€, concludes Egorov.
(Tim van Duijn/Football scoop)