Ajax baalt: ‘We would have liked to have come out and the Nouri family too, tremendously regrette’

Edwin van der Sar calls the failed conversations between Ajax and the family of Abdelhak Nouri tremendously regrett. The parties failed to reach an agreement on financial compensation, as it turned out last week.

โ€œOf course we would have liked to get out with the family,โ€ says Van der Sar at the Ziggo Sport programme Rondo. โ€œWe want to solve it in a good way with the family. But with the advocates, we dont get to the point where we think we have the solution.โ€
It is important that the relationship between Ajax and the Nouri family remains good, emphasises Van der Sar. โ€œWe have a physiotherapist who goes to him every week. I
ve been there quite often, although Corona now makes it a bit difficult.โ€
โ€œBut thats not what its about. It is the step after that,โ€ explains the general manager of Ajax. โ€œWe would have liked to have come out, and so would the family. Its so unfortunate. Perhaps it is better to give it to an independent person (judge, save.), no matter how sorry it is.โ€
Van der Sar does not go into amounts. Johan Derksen strikingly claimed Friday night at Veronica Inside that the Nouri family would want to see 60 to 100 million euros. โ€œI don
t make any statements about that. Thats what I do with the family and not here on a Sunday night.โ€