Ajax bank chairman Schuurs: ‘I often realize what kind of top club I play at’

Perr Schuurs is mainly bank chair this season, but he is still happy at Ajax. The 22-year-old central defender hopes for more playing time from trainer Erik ten Hag in the second half of the season.
โ€œOf course, I get a little less minutes than during the first period of the last season,โ€ says Schuurs at Ajax TV. โ€œIn that, I try to make steps to get better and thats going well. I am a team player and happy how we are currently doing. If you see how were performing in the Champions League right now, thats something we can be very proud of, and that Im delighted with. Despite the fact that I play little, I often realize what kind of top club I play at.โ€
In the away game against Besiktas, Schuurs was once again able to count on a base place. โ€œThe Champions League is a different stage from the league, and its always good to be able to play there. Of course, I enjoyed it too. Its hard to have to play Champions League with little rhythm. Afterwards, Im just happy with my performance and certainly the three points.โ€
Although he was back on the couch against Sparta, the Limburger hopes for more chances. โ€œThat is, of course, with the trainer. We left some points in December last year, and so far we have already left too many points in the Premier League. Our task is to win all the games in December and take all the points.โ€
โ€œI hope there are as many minutes as possible for me, but in the end, the most important thing is that we win,โ€ Schuurs continues. โ€œI do have the confidence that more minutes will come for me in the second half of the season. There are a lot of matches, so I hope to make more minutes.โ€