‘Ajax can cash big with Antony and Haller, Taylor may also be leaving ‘

Clubwatcher Mike Verweij has given another update on the transfer business at Ajax. According to Verweij, there is astonishing interest for Antony, Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich compete for Sébastien Haller and Kenneth Taylor can also leave Amsterdam.
In De Cceits football podcast, Verweij opens up about Antony, whose agent has recently been in Paris several times. There is an astonishing amount of interest in that. Paris Saint-Germain also seems to be interested, but there are more clubs that want it. In that respect, Ajax is in a very luxurious position. You have to make the decision now: are we selling it for sixty million or more, or are we waiting for the World Cup? Brazil has great papers to become world champions. Then it might be worth a hundred million. But I think they want the money now.
Later, Verweij tells about Haller, who was previously linked to Dortmund and Bayern. However, interest is now serious. You don
t guess it, but in Germany, theres a battle for Sébastien Hallers signature. In Germany, it looks incredibly well. After the departure of Haaland and the announcement that Lewandowski may be going to FC Barcelona, Dortmund and Bayern want to have Haller. What they are going to offer is the big question. Ajax will want much more than the purchase amount of 22.5 million euros.
Finally, Taylor comes up. The midfielder is the dead dyed successor to his buddy Ryan Gravenberch at Ajax, but can also leave Ajax this summer. Taylor also has a lot of interest. He is only stuck until 2024, with a very mediocre contract. Taylor needs to be talked to very quickly, or hes gone.