Ajax comes with statement

Ajax took a stand on Monday evening in the discussion about the Super League. According to general director Edwin van der Sar, the Amsterdammers are against the arrival of the new tournament.
โ€œAjax is completely surprised and disappointed in the announcement of a possible Super League. We support the new approach proposed by UEFA, as confirmed on Monday,โ€ says Van der Sar. Earlier this day, the Amsterdammers thought it was too early to take a stand, but now the Eredivision-leader is still against the Super League plans.
โ€œThrough my work for the ECA, I have been involved in discussions about a new setting up of UEFA club competitions for several years,โ€ says the former goalkeeper, who is Vice-President of the European Clubs Association. โ€œAt an earlier stage, Ajax fought together with the ECV and the KNVB for a number of changes, for example to make participation in the UEFA Champions League more accessible for the clubs.โ€
โ€œWe thought we had found the solution in the so-called Swiss model, with more international competitions for more clubs. We are very disappointed at the sudden and late turn that fellow directors of some of the top international clubs have made this weekend, with the result that an uncertain period of time is threatening to start for European football,โ€ says Van der Sar.
Ajax seemed to be the only Dutch club to qualify for a spot in the Super League, where there should be room for five additional participants. A total of 20 teams must participate in the tournament, including Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atlรฉtico Madrid, Juventus, Internazionale and AC Milan.
These clubs also want to continue to appear in their national competitions, but the question is whether that will be possible. UEFA threatens to expel the clubs from their league and prevent players from ECs and World Championships.

โ€œAjax is completely tasks aback and disappointed by the announcement of a possible Super League. We support the new set-up proposed by UEFA, as confirmed on Monday.โ€
โ€” AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) April 19, 2021