‘Ajax demonstrates how to lift offensive football to the next level’

Young Boys trainer Gerardo Seoane recognizes his superior in Ajax. He hasn‘t given up hope of a stunt yet, but he dares to admit it’s gonna be a tricky story.
โ€œWe tried to put an offensive way of playing on the mat. Ajax demonstrated how to take attacking football to the next level,โ€ says Seoane afterwards in Swiss media.
โ€œWe will do everything we can to get ahead early at home. We have a quality at home with the standard situations. Anything is possible in football. It‘s not like we’re giving up, but it‘s gonna be a tough game. Ajax was superior in every respect and demonstrated our limits.โ€
Captain Fabian Lustenberger joins this. โ€œDefeat is deserved. We didn’
t get into the game for a second. And in addition, Ajax always had a solution to parry our bets.โ€