Ajax fails to recapture the leading position: Then youre really embarrassed.

Davy Klaassen did open the score for Ajax on Saturday, but after the tie against Go Ahead Eagles (1-1), his face was on a thunderstorm. His goal can be stolen from him afterwards.
“We have to do much better than this. We already got some options for the 1-0, but if you‘re ahead, you should never give it away again. I think we’ve had plenty of chances at 2-0, 3-0, says Klaassen in front of ESPN‘s camera.
The Dutch international is trying to put their finger on the sore spot. “I don’
t think the field occupancy was perfect. The wrong players kept it wide. Kenneth Taylor and Florian Grillitsch were often broad than the outside players. If we lost the ball, the midfield was therefore quite open. We didn‘t do that well and we said that at rest.”
Klaassen admits that Cambuur’
s 3-0 victory over PSV should have worked as‘ doping ‘, but that was not the case. “Of course, it‘s nice when you score, but when you play 1-1 against Go Ahead at home, you’re really ashamed.”