Ajax has to ‘pull pouch for Mazraoui’: ‘He will walk away for free after this season’

Ajax-watcher Mike Verweij from De Cceit thinks Noussair Mazraoui is leaving transfer-free at Ajax after this season. However, he does think that the Amsterdammers should do everything they can to tie the right back longer.
โ€œMazraoui has an expired contract and Gravenberch has an ongoing contract. Mazraoui will leave for free after this season,โ€ says Verweij in De Cceit‘s Kick-Off Podcast.
Ajax has tried to renew Mazraoui’
s contract in the past, but it then made a lot of demands. โ€œMazraoui once had the same agent as Hakim Ziyech and also wanted to earn as much as Ziyech,โ€ says Verweij. โ€œThen Ajax said: but you‘re not worth five million a year. I think they’re wise to offer him a really good salary.โ€
Verweij thinks that is partly due to Mazraoui‘s good bond with Antony. โ€œIt feels very comfortable with Mazraoui behind him. If you can tie him for a long time for a high salary, you will get it back. Otherwise, he’ll walk out the door transfer free. I think they should pull the pouch. After this season, he runs out for freeโ€, concludes Verweij.