Ajax hero Haller on reserol: “We discussed it: totally fine”

Nine goals in his first five Champions League games: Sébastien Haller continues to amaze in the billion-dollar ball. The international of Ivory Coast came against Besiktas as a substitute within the lines on Wednesday and helped Ajax a 1-2 victory in Turkey.
Afterwards, he was in front of the RTL 7 camera. If I was surprised? No haha, in that case, I would doubt myself. I knew I was going to start on the couch today (Wednesday, ed.) and I knew that this was just the time I had to be ready. Because there would be chances in the second half, I tried to stay focused and be important to the team. The bank had to make a difference and that‘s what happened.
That he had to start on the couch for the occasion, he didn’
t think that much of a point, Haller said when asked. No, it didn‘t bother me. The trainer explained it to me and he decides it, even if he doesn’t say anything, those are the rules. We discussed it: totally fine, I need to be here for the team. Haller still got his gram and is now at the top of the top scorer ranking together with Robert Lewandowski. That‘s a big deal, yes… He doesn’t want to stop scoring.