Ajax invests in selection despite losses: ‘Do not lose sight of eye’

Susan Lenderink, financial director of Ajax, explains why Amsterdammers have attracted Sebastién Haller for 22.5 million euros, despite the club‘s gloomy financial perspective. Ajax expects to present ‘negative‘ annual figures in the financial year 2020/2021.

“We have the objective to be structurally part of the European summit, which means we have to continue investing in the team,” says Lenderink in conversation with the club channels of Ajax. “That’s what we did, recently with the arrival of Sébastien Haller, so that when the stadiums are filled again, the fans can be proud of the team standing there.”
“In times of crisis, of course, you try to do what you can,” Lenderink continues. “All the little bits help. Solidarity is a very great asset. It‘s great to see how much support we’ve had. But we must not lose sight of the long term either.”

Note to the half-yearly results by Susan Lenderink. pic.twitter.com/RJijszzcmj
— AFC Ajax (@AFCAjax) February 17, 2021