‘Ajax is possibly going to use trick’

Ajax will pay a transfer fee of 32.5 million euros for Steven Bergwijn, but the Amsterdammers may report that they are transferring thirty million to Tottenham Hotspur. This has to do with Davinson Sรกnchezs previous transfer, which still has a large sum of money open.
The Bergwijn transfer has been in the air for a long time. At first it looked like Ajax would pay thirty million euros to Spurs, but that amount has now been increased by 2.5 million. The national champion pays more so that it can repay the transfer fee in four installments, instead of two. However, there is a chance that Ajax will communicate about an amount of thirty million for Bergwijn, reports De Cceit.
The Amsterdammers also get seven million euros from Tottenham: England
s number four has not yet transferred the full sum of forty million to Ajax for the Colombian. There is a chance that Ajax will discount 2.5 million, in order to lower the Bergwijn sum.
The transfer of the Dutch international can now become official at any time. It is planned that Bergwijn will play with number seven in the capital. In recent years, David Neres played with that number on his back at Ajax.

It takes a look at how #Ajax communicates Stevie #Bergwijns transfer fee. The fact is that 32.5 million euros are paid. The point is that there is still 7 million euros of the Davinson Sancez deal open. Perhaps Amsterdammers discount 2.5 million of this and report 30.
โ€” Mike Verweij (@MikeVerweij) July 6, 2022