‘Ajax loses talented goalkeeper (16) to Leverkusen’

Ajax is going to lose the talented Roy Steur. According to Ajax Showtime, the sixteen-year-old goalkeeper leaves directly to Bayer Leverkusen. Ajax only holds a training allowance to Sturgeon.
Steur did not yet have a contract with Ajax, which means that the Amsterdammers cannot accommodate more than a training fee for the youth international. Sturgeon would initially come out for Ajaxs Under 17 team this season, but thats not going to happen now. At Leverkusen, the goalie also goes into the Under 17 team. Ajax picked Steur at RKAV Volendam in 2015.
Sturgeon has seen a number of practice duels in the national champions shirt over the last few weeks. The flush under the bar at Ajax Under 17 is reasonably thin due to the departure of Sturgeon: Tommy Setford, the younger brother of Young Ajax goalkeeper Charlie Setford, is currently the only goalkeeper in the youth team.