Ajax makes apple sauce from ADO Den Haag: “Its really awful”

Ajax – ADO Den Haag is nothing more than an ennobled training party. The resting mode after 45 minutes is 4-0, but ESPN analysts are not particularly surprised.
I searched Wikipedia what exactly is a competition, opens ESPN presenter Jan Joost van Gangelen the rest analysis. They play in the same league, to the same: the main prize. One then to the grand prize and the other against degradation, says Kenneth Perez.
Everyone has their own ambitions, but the difference between these two teams is immense, continues the Dane. ADO is staggering weak. Del Fabro thinks, You know what, turn in. It‘s really awful. Who’s he playing to? The trainer talks about organization and points things to the flipchart, but there‘s nothing you can do about this. What do you have to do?
Four ADO players come from Ajax youth (Juan Familia-Castillo, Kees de Boer, Bobby Adekanye and Vicente Besuijen, red.) and all went abroad very early. They’
ll just play at ADO level for the next ten years, says Perez.