Ajax on report: Pass the big standout despite late defeat

Ajax went down battling Liverpool on Tuesday. The Amsterdammers had a hard time at Anfield and bowed their heads in the final minutes: 2-1. Football first hands out figures to the players of Ajax after the first defeat in the Champions League.
Remko Pasveer — 7.5: Ajax had a hard time at Anfield, but could count on its reliable closing point. With several clever reflexes, Pasveer prevented worse for his team for a long time.
Devyne Rensch — 6: Rensch stood out in the last duels with his desire to attack, but on Tuesday he was fiercely on it with Luis Díaz, who only got rid of him once. Rensch was involved in the counter hit, where he didnt get in fast enough.
Jurriën Timber — 7: The choice to take the lead game at the opening strike may not have been the best. Furthermore, Timber was defending again and blocked many a Liverpool attacker from the road.
Calvin Bassey — 5.5: The nerves seemed to have a grip on Bassey, who was especially sloppy at the ball. He also did not intervene very firmly in the 1-0, all in all it looked a bit uncertain.
Daley Blind — 6.5: At the first counter hit, he was already too far away to mean anything, but his front assist in the 1-1 was very nice. Blind played fine and was close to 1-2.
Edson Álvarez — 6.5: Álvarez is not easily dismissed. The Mexican had to make difficult choices in covering, but you can trust him with that. As always, nice and bright.
Steven Berghuis — 6.5: With a good running action, he was at the base of the 1-1, but Berghuis also barely got to play football at first. After the break, he began to divide the game more and found his turn.
Kenneth Taylor — 6: The young midfielder garners a lot of praise in the first weeks of the season, but Liverpool turned out to be a different cookie. Taylor worked hard but was virtually invisible.
Dusan Tadic — 5.5: The captain was often playable for his teammates, but then creating danger proved difficult. Ajax was unable to exploit Liverpool
s weakest spot on paper, partly because Tadic brought little.
Mohammed Kudus — 7: What a fantastic goal and what an important moment. Ajax had little to contribute when the Ghanaian grenade hit. Kudus seemed to be one of the few players of Ajax who did not suffer from the pressure. The man in shape.
Steven Bergwijn — 5,5: For these kinds of matches Bergwijn came to Ajax, but back on English soil he couldnt leave his mark. It was a blunt performance by the left winger.
Invaders Jorge Sánchez — x: Played too short for a review.
Florian Grillitsch — x: Played too short for a review.
Brian Brobbey — x: Played too short for a review.
Trainer Alfred Schreuder — 6: Expectations were high beforehand. After all, Ajax is in great shape and Liverpool had received a beating from Napoli. However, The Reds focus on and were a size too big for the Amsterdammers on Tuesday, who managed to hold up for a long time. Schreuder could not have changed much about this result, although he might have changed a little earlier.