Ajax on report: two Celebrates

What a sour night for Ajax: the semi-final of the Europa League is suddenly far away after a late 1-2 home defeat against AS Roma. And that while the Amsterdammers did not come bad at all. Football scoop distributes report figures.
Kjell Scherpen — 4: He seemed to have removed the first nerves after a nice save on a distance shot by Bryan Cristante. But the free kick of Lorenzo Pellegrini after an hour of play he should have had, period. As a goalkeeper you are paid for at these kinds of moments and the third goalkeeper of Ajax did not advertise himself. Of course, he could not do anything about Roger Ibañezs second countergoal.
Devyne Rensch — 6: When he
s at the ball, theres usually nothing at Renschs stake, apart from an unnecessary risk here and there. The young back develops stormy, but still needs to learn a bit about positioning: several times he was surprised by the crafty Roma attackers. But the fact that he had to take yellow after a rare slip of colleague Timber — and therefore misses the return in Rome — is obviously not to blame him.
Jurriën Timber — 7: He plays like a routine with two hundred matches in his legs, says ESPN commentator Vincent Schildkamp after an hour of play. When direct opponent Edin Dzeko became top scorer of the Bundesliga, Timber was still in primary school with his brother Quinten. But the nineteen-year-old Utrechter stood very well, especially at the ball. Has played noiselessly in the base crew and will not disappear from it for the time being.
Lisandro Martínez — 8: Who plays with confidence, the same Schildkamp was dropped after thirteen minutes. He is very sovereign to play football, he concluded four minutes later. Martínez (pulled that line and) did indeed play a hell of a match: convincing in the duels, positionally strong and comfortable at the ball.
Nicolás Tagliafico — 7: Martínez could also count on the back of his compatriot. Tagliafico prevented a counter-goal early in the first half by holding Dzeko on the target line. With a bit more luck, Tagliafico had even scored a goal in the second half: Ajax can always count on his left-back.
Edson Álvarez — 5,5: He generally did what he was prepared for: where necessary, the Mexican was the emergency solution that helped his defense. Certainly not spectacular, but sober and useful. However, a great bleak was his role in the 1-2: Álvarez was the one who let Ibañez escape from his back.
Davy Klaassen — 6,5: It was actually the first time he showed up in the penalty area: Mister 1-0 recognized the moment to chase, passed at the right time, competently chose position and showed his team again the way. The Hilversummer has been fully revived on the old nest, after a few difficult years in England and Germany. And besides, not too bad to lie wall…
Ryan Gravenberch — 6: See Álvarez: especially in defensive terms it is useful, but not so compelling. Of course it remains extremely good that he is at the age of eighteen at European level, but Gravenberch has shown less than before this season.
Antony — 6: He regularly had to go after his opponent — first Leonardo Spinazzola, then Riccardo Calafiori — but also showed his class at times. His brilliant stitch pass to Dusan Tadic for rest earned a goal. The chance he got right after the 1-0 also: Antony should have taken care of 2-0, but came across goalkeeper Pau López. Also in the second half the Brazilian was very sloppy with his possibilities.
Dusan Tadic — 5,5: In the first 39 minutes he didnt show much. His final passes were just like his corners: just not. But then he set up the attack, which eventually resulted in the 1-0. Most players would shoot themselves. Speaking of football gogme… , said ESPN analyst Arnold Bruggink. The same football gogme did abandon the Serbian when he was allowed to take a penalty right after rest: an expensive miss, as it turned out a few minutes later.
David Neres — 4: One week everything, the other week nothing. This time the cliché about outdoor players was applied to Neres: for the Brazilian it was
the other week. Virtually all his actions failed or stranded after a misunderstanding with a teammate. After an hour, his game was over.
Invallers:Brian Brobbey — 6: Dissolved after an hour of playing Neres and immediately managed to bring about something. First he prepared a chance for Tagliafico, then he himself had the 2-1 on his shoe. He was not lucky, but Brobbey showed why Ajax is so sorry about his upcoming departure.
Sean Klaiber — x: The new father entered the field for Rensch in the final phase and played too short for a review.
Oussama Idrissi — x: Came right after the 1-2 in the field for Antony and played too short for areview.
Trainer:Erik ten Hag — 7: Opponent AS Roma missed half a basic self number, but also Ajax was far from complete. Ten Hag had to set up his third goalkeeper and three teenagers, but he properly prepared his team for the European clash. Despite the unfortunate defeat against AS Roma, the trainer deserves a compliment.