Ajax period did Sharpen well: ‘I have completely changed, as a person and goalkeeper’

In his own words, Kjell Scherpen has undergone a considerable transformation as a human being in recent years. He expects to be part of the European Championship selection of the Dutch Junior via Vitesse next summer.
Scherpen ended up at Brighton & Hove Albion via FC Emmen and Ajax. Although he is only 22 years old, Vitesse becomes his fifth employer. In 2018, he broke through with the Drenthenians in the Eredivisie. โ€œEverything was new at Emmen that year. Of course, the level of training I had there is not as it is at Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV. In that Eredivisie season, everything suddenly came at me,โ€ he tells De Gelderlander. โ€œAnd I had to deal with that. That went through trial and error.โ€
At Ajax and Brighton, Sharpen has grown. โ€œI have completely changed, as a goalkeeper and as a person,โ€ he says. โ€œI have developed in all areas. Of course, the Premier League is also quite a level. I was used to that from Ajax, but football in England is different. More direct. That suits me. It made me feel at home too.โ€ The only thing missing on the south coast of England for Scherpen was playing time. โ€œHopefully that will work here.โ€
Jeroen Houwen and Markus Schubert become Scherpen‘s competitors at Vitesse. That’s where he has to play, with a view to next season. The Dutch Junior plays the European Championships in Romania and Georgia, although Scherpen has also smelled the great Orange. โ€œThat was very special and definitely tastes like more. I will first have to play well at Vitesse and assume a European Championships. That‘s where I absolutely want to be. Should more happen, that’s more than a bonus.โ€