Ajax picks up Haller in England: “West Ham had to put aside some ego”

Sébastien Haller would do well to trade in West Ham United for Ajax. Thats what club watcher Jack Rosser of The Evening Standard says to Football First. West Ham put down a record amount of 50 million euros for Haller in 2019, but now sells him with a substantial loss.

West Ham thought to buy goals with Haller, but in England the counter hit ten goals in 48 matches. I think both sides are guilty of why it didnt work, says Rosser to Football First. Haller was taken by Manuel Pellegrini as a deep striker, but that role didnt really suit him because of his style and lack of speed. He is at best in a two-point system alongside Mikhail Antonio, but his shape and injuries never really showed this combination.
Despite the fact that the way of playing did not fit Haller, he himself did little to make it work, continues Rosser critically. He has been given many opportunities over the past few weeks because of Antonio
s injury, but he has not seized them. I think theyre both happy with this good-bye. West Ham had a few less successful spires and Antonio wasnt the player he is now. Haller was brought to solve the problems, but his style doesnt match David Moyess.
Haller was received with great enthusiasm two years ago by the fans of West Ham. Although there were some questions about the transfer fee. West Ham has a decent track record when it comes to buying players for too much money, especially when Pellegrini and Mario Husillos went over the transfers. Felipe Anderson has also failed to justify the transfer amount (38 million euros, red.) and is now struggling with FC Porto on a rental basis.

Haller is the winner in this situationNow Ajax is going to take Haller. The way of playing the Amsterdammers fits him like a jacket, predicts Rosser. The difference with West Ham can hardly be greater. Ajax has much more possession than West Ham and is able to get many more players around Haller. Thats just a lot better for him. He also likes to make great goals, so I think Ajax can get the best out of him, says Rosser.
Haller is the big winner in this situation. He leaves for a larger club at a time when he probably wouldn
t have thought it possible because of the amount West Ham paid for him. West Ham had to put aside some ego, but in my view he did the right thing. It wouldnt work with Haller anymore, so its better to get him some money that can be invested in another player.
Rosser doesnt rule out other clubs lurking on Haller as well. This came more or less out of nowhere. I wouldnt be surprised if other clubs were interested, but no one was concrete. I also think they didnt expect West Hams asking price to be so low.
Ajax reportedly pays about 20 million euros for Haller. He is going to sign in Amsterdam for 4.5 years, at least thats the expectation. Ajax hopes to be able to use Haller against PSV on Sunday.
(Tim van Duijn/Football scoop)