‘Ajax players were hugely charmed by that dominant Schreuder’

The players of Ajax who worked with Alfred Schreuder are very enthusiastic about him. This is said in De Cceits Kick Off Football Podcast. In any case, the current coach of Club Brugge is higher on the Amsterdam list than Peter Bosz.
Valentijn Driessen, who spoke with Lasse Schöne this week, knows that Schreuder is on top of players and ex-players of Ajax. He was very enthusiastic about Schreuder and Ziyech was, of course, too. I heard from him that Schreuder was very dominant, also as an assistant to Ten Hag.
Mike Verweij also caught the same sounds. Schreuder speaks German, Spanish and of course Dutch and everyone at Ajax walked away with him. He is very high on the list, but we don
t know exactly what the status is. What is certain is that they are enormously charmed by him.
Who looks a little less good in Amsterdam is Peter Bosz. The Olympique Lyonnais trainer cannot present an honorary metal. At Ajax, there are some people who dont want him in Amsterdam because of his empty honor roll, Verweij knows. I have to say that he is definitely on the list, because that list is not that long.